How Corporations Use Webcasting throughout their Event Calendar

Webcasting, Webcasting Software September 9, 2016

As the world becomes one with the Digital Age, organizations are using various forms of webcasting technology for different types of events, throughout the annual communication calendar, to achieve different business objectives.

The Digitalization of Everything

According to Ernst & Young in The Digitisation of Everything, “The challenge for business is to face the implications of digital change… and the need to engage digitally with suppliers, partners and employees in addition to customers.” [1]

In this series of posts, we highlight some of the various forms of webcasting technology used by companies for different event types, for Event Industry professionals, acting in an advisory role, looking to identify areas of opportunity and expand on their value with the client.

The National Sales Meeting

A major automobile manufacturer announced changes in their dealer network during their National Sales Meeting with the goal of improving the customer experience at every single interaction within the dealership.

Since these changes involved everyone at every level of the dealership structure, the company decided to webcast the event live to the dealerships so the employees who did not attend the meeting could actively participate in the change strategy.

The product selected was StageMicro, our custom webcasting sites for meetings and events.

Using StageMicro, the event was broadcast to the employees within a private webcasting site which included the excitement of the event branding but also, as a hosted service, managed the server load of 1000’s of connections hitting the live event at the same time.

This allowed everyone watching at the dealership level to have a great experience watching the live webcast so they could participate in the communication as a team in order to help execute the organizational strategy.

Highlights of StageMicro for this event included…

Custom Branded Broadcast Site
Registration Page for Private Access
Viewing Analytics to the Dealer Level
Hosted Site and Player for Scaling
Managed Server Load for 1000’s of Live Participants
Fully Managed Solution with Encoding Engineers and Equipment
Multiple Bitrate Delivery for Smooth Viewing Experience
Hosted after Event for VOD and Archive

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[1] Ernst & Young, The Digitisation of Everything

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The Webcasting Software Feature Engineers Should Not Live Without

Internet Broadcasting, Event Technology, Webcasting Software, CEO StagePro September 2, 2016

Encoding Engineer using StagePro by Corporate Events Online

As live event professionals ourselves, we build control and safety features into our webcasting software to meet the demands of the Live Event Industry to help Engineers be successful on-site when streaming live events.

One such feature in CEO StagePro, our proprietary webcasting portal, is the Doorman Page. I use this feature all the time on shows.

Let’s take a quick look at the Doorman Page feature to see how it benefits the event profession when streaming live events, using screenshots from a test event I created in our demo portal...

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The Business of Streaming Live Events: The 2016 Rio Olympics

StagePro, streaming live events, Webcasting Software August 19, 2016

Business of Streaming Live Events, Corporate Events Online

Stream It and They Will Come
(but also organize it and make It easy to find)

According to the LA Times, through the first 10 days of the 2016 Rio Olympics, online viewers had watched 1.86 billion minutes of streaming video via NBC, more than the London and Sochi Olympics combined. [1]

That’s a lot.

While the beacon for viewers is the content, NBC invested in an important asset for the business of streaming live events as a harbor for the light - the webcasting portal.

According to Variety, Comcast (owner of NBC) has assigned no less than 1,000 engineers to facilitate a special Rio 2016 portal for its X1 platform, which blends Internet and traditional TV across multiple devices. [2]

The webcasting portal helps the audience by making content...
 - Easy to find on a single domain (
 - Well organized and searchable

The Parallel for Webcasting Corporate Events
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