Configuring Your Network for Streaming Meetings & Events

There is more to a successful webcast than subscribing to a Content Delivery Network and letting it rip. It is important to configure your network properly for a successful broadcasting and viewing experience.

The first step is understanding the network of your broadcasting location, quality and quantity.
For example, if you're producing an event at a location that has a 200 Kbps dial-up line out to the internet and you or your client wants to webcast? You might have a problem. This is an extreme example but it actually happened to us recently.

Even in the best network conditions, you'll want to have a gameplan for success.

Understanding the network condistions for your downstream attendees is just as important as understanding your broadcasting location network. Best practices include getting in touch with your network administrator and discussing locations, bandwidth capacity and protocols. There are many other considerations which you can read about here.

This post just begins to cover the surface of configuring your network for successful webcasting.

At Corporate Events Online, we have agreements with major data carriers which assist us in providing you access to content delivery networks that cover the world. Understanding the value of your content, you have to be confident in your network for fast and reliable distribution. No matter where your audience is located, o
ur network teams work hard to make sure they receive an excellent viewing experience. 

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