Leadership Change and the Broadcast-style Town Hall Webcast

Photo Credit: United Press International

The Communication Opportunity in Leadership Change

According to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, 1341 Chief Executive Officers vacated their positions in 2014. [1] This means hundreds of organizations will have the opportunity to create an internal communication plan around the introduction of a new leader to the company.

The Medium is the Message

The communication plan regarding the introduction of new leadership to an organization will likely include messages delivered through several different communication mediums, like email and the organization’s website.

It may include a conference call so the incoming leader can communicate verbally with the entire organization. In planning out the communication strategy surrounding leadership change, there may be opportunities to break the mold and communicate in a way that the workforce can see and hear.

The Town Hall Meeting is usually the centerpiece series of communication within an organization’s communication plan. A Broadcast-style Town Hall Webcast allows an incoming Chief Executive to establish their identity with a global workforce, “face-to-face.” The audience, in turn, has the opportunity to identify important non-verbal cues associated with leadership: vision, confidence and authenticity.

Technical Challenges

The difficulty in executing a Broadcast-style Webcast may be in identifying the proper resources necessary to overcome the technical challenges associated with communicating online within the corporate network.

The right partner will be able to work with IT to create a Communication Technology Plan to serve video through the corporate network, in addition to helping apply Digital Communication Strategy and Methods. They may also be relied upon to provide Event Production and Staging & Rental as well.



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