Live Streaming Video to the Mobile Workforce

Mobile devices are exceeding in number at a larger magnitude and so are mobile webcasting services including includes webcasting live meetings and events for the enterprise.

At Corporate Events Online, we keep pace with the ever changing mobile technology so you can communicate with your people, where and when they require information using webcasting technology to inform and train your workforce.

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The Leader in Internet Broadcasting and Event Technology

Corporate Events Online helps organizations leverage technology to extend the value of your message. Internet Broadcasting and Event Technology are great ways to improve your live events by connecting people who cannot attend live using the power of video and technology, in order to increase your impact on a global audience, inspire your people and grow your business.

As organizations work hard to maximize the value of their communication costs, webcasting is a valuable resource to help reduce travel costs, when necessary, without having to keep people from experiencing the event.

Webcasting also extends the value of your content by allowing attendees to remain connected to your content, after the event is over, by providing online access to all recorded event sessions. This type of online component is increasingly becoming an expectation in our mobile and digital world.

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Complete Solutions That Give You Control Over Your Communications

The right products combined with the right solutions combined with the right strategy can help you control what you want your communication outcome to be. It provides efficiency, control and safety.

Why is it efficient? What gives you control? What is your safety? How do these products and services help you increase revenue, increase awareness and avoid loss.

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Eliminating Technical Uncertainty Associated with Online Communications

More and more, an online element is an expection for meetings and events. The challenge becomes, having to execute a flawless technical plan without knowing where to being, what are the pitfalls, and what team you can trust to get the job done.

We combine robust technology with strategic planning and common-sense approach to eliminate technical uncertainty associated with virtual communications so you can focus on your event and your message.

Our dynamic resourceful team is there from step one, from concept to completion. We are proud to regularly hear from our clients, things like, "I didn’t know anything about this and I made one phone call and the webcast was a great success.”

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Dynamic Resourceful People That Get The Job Done

Corporate Events Online prides itself on having a strong group of talented and resourceful people. Every job, every event is unique. Therefore, the need to have a good team is critical to the success of a live event that is being webcast.

When streaming video for a live event, there are no second chances. The new world of live video webcasting requires professionals with highly technical skills related to computer networking in addition to audio and video production and strategic planning skills.

With our extensive team of experienced technical professionals and our commitment to world-class service, we can handle as much or as little of the webcasting process as your organization needs, all the way down the line.

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The Analytics of Streaming Live Events

It is very important understand the activity of an audience as they steaming an event, live or on-demand. Organizations can use this information to draw the results and make intelligent business decisions.

A well-planned webcast can help you collect data on, among other items...

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