The Future of Hybrid Events

Streaming Live Events for the Broadcast Quality Generation

According the 2015 MPI Meetings Outlook, virtual attendance is expected to grow 3.1 percent in the coming year, compared to 2.4 percent for live attendance.

It suggests further, “planners must know about new technologies to be able to provide them to clients without their having to ask.” [1]

In this post, we will review how internet broadcasting creates value by streaming live events and how hybrid vents are being produced for the future to the "Broadcast Quality Generation." [2]

Extends the Value of the Ballroom

Budget or time constraints may limit some people from attending a meeting live, but they can still connect to the event via the live event internet broadcast, thereby increasing the size of the overall audience beyond it's physical space.

Extends Value of the Message

A valuable resource is created for employees by recording it and hosting the event in a secure, webcasting portal. This allows you to make the content available to individuals who want to revisit the material.

Event ROI

Hybrid events helps organizations manage costs and increase event ROI. By broadcasting all or part of an event, organizations save on food, travel, and accommodation expense while still communicating and engaging their audience.


Hybrid events offers the dual benefits of reduced environmental impact and improved cost-savings. By hosting a hybrid event, you can reduce your organization's carbon footprint and support sustainability initiatives.

The Future of Hybrid Events  

As internet broadcasting technology continues to evolve, more emphasis is being placed on the experience of the internet broadcast portion of an event in order to fulfill an organization’s communication goals. 

Multi-Location Event Broadcasts

We are seeing an increase in demand from organizations engaging us to produce hybrid events from two different locations (Point-to-Point) and/or broadcast events from multiple locations, simultaneously (Multi-Location), as part of the overall event.

Virtual Event Apps

We have also been asked to deploy our Mobile Event App for use by the virtual audience to engage with the presenters, presentations and attendees, in addition to the traditional on-site deployment. 

This trend illustrates the evolution of hybrid events from the position of “broadcasting out, one-to-many” to the point where many events can be brought together as one single event through the power of internet broadcasting.

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[2] Limelight Networks, "Delivering to the Broadcast Quality Generation"



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