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With so many different Event Streaming Platforms in the market, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the all the different options.

All The Different Options Can Be Overwhelming 

And each new option begs a series of different questions.

Questions like...

  • What happens if I have to add sessions?
  • What if the client wants to update the portal graphics?
  • How do we manage on-demand after the live session is over?
  • What are the engagement options available to us?
  • What if we want to change the security option?

And on and on and on.

They Charge Extra for That

And sometimes, the answer to these questions can leave you feeling a little nickel and dimed.

If you want to rebrand the portal, most webcast companies will charge you extra for that beyond the application license.

Same with adding sessions during the event. Most will charge extra.

Want to upload a new video for on-demand or trim heads and tails off the previously live version? Extra.

Add an engagement feature like Moderated Q&A or Chat? Change the security option from email only to email and Access Code, or even use a company SSO? Yep, they charge extra!

You got it. Extra.

And all those extras can either impact your budget or put you in a position where you have to have a conversation with the client.

That's Why We Built StagePro

StagePro - The Event Streaming Platform
Built for Event Professionals by Event Professionals.

We understand how live events work because we live it.
And we know with live events, the only constant is change.

Want to add or delete sessions? Want to update your portal graphics? Add sessions, live or on-demand? Add an engagement option to a session? Change your security option?

It's all built in StagePro and it's part of your event license.
All this and more with our white-glove service that has your back every step of the way.

The Bottom Line

Because we know how events work.
You want to say yes to your client.
You want to be able to make changes as needed.
And you want to protect your budget and be in control.

Want To Learn More?

Contact us and schedule a demo.