During the pandemic, the entire budget for an event got shifted to the virtual space.

All the creative, all the production, and all the tech support went into making a virtual show feel like an in-person event.

Now that we're back in-person, many clients are thinking there is no budget for virtual because of what it cost during the pandemic.

But that's not the case anymore. The budgets are resetting.

The event is in the ballroom and virtual is extending the message to those who can't attend the in-person event.

You don't have to spend an excessive amount of your budget on custom event sites built from scratch that take forever to build.

That's why we built StagePro, the Event Streaming Platform built for Event Professionals by Event Professionals.

Deployed in minutes, ready in hours, StagePro put you in control to be Hybrid-Ready.

Get to know StagePro by visiting our website and schedule a personal demo.