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Few cons to Hybrid Event planning... Cost & Complexity. We solved both!

According to a recent article in Forbes...

There are a few cons to Hybrid Event planning... Cost & Complexity.


At Corporate Events Online, we couldn't agree more. So we've solved both problems.


CEO provides a fast, easy, and flexible event streaming platform with a built in Multi-CDN with unmatched support for your most important virtual and hybrid events.

StagePro Event Streaming Application

Fast | Easy | Flexible | Affordable | Put on every show 
When being in Control Matters

  • No programmers
  • No Application Dev Timelines/ Milestones
  • No multilayer account management and tech contact processes, Calls, Meetings
  • Create Brand immersive environment, Schedule live and on-demand event sessions, Set desired security settings, Registration options, user engagement, Real-time reports, User permissions, SSO

The Event Streaming Platform Built for Event Professionals by Event Professionals


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