StagePro is the only Event Streaming Platform built for Event Professionals by Event Professionals.

In fact, it's in our name.

The 'Stage' in StagePro is an acronym for Show Technology App for Global Engagement.

The 'Pro' is a shout-out to the gear many of us use on-site like an ImagePro (remember those) or KiPro.


Everything needs a name, so we gave our amazing application a name. StagePro.

We brainstormed it over crew meals before its original release in 2014 and it stuck.

It's a name that proudly reflects its roots in the Event Industry.


And just like you wouldn't hire a dentist to be your video engineer...

Don't get stuck with an Event Streaming Platform that isn't built for events.


Get to know StagePro by visiting our website here, or filling out the form below to schedule a demo.